This about takes the biscuit

I am indebted to Pete Mears who provided this snippet:

“Spotted another criticism of the F35 programme – in Air Force Monthly magazine – allegedly made by the current test pilots, in that there is a serious deficiency in rearward vision from the cockpit and to rectify it would involve major structural changes. It was also reported that the US Marine Corps are making contingency plans to press into service the UK Harriers should the plug be pulled on the F35 fiasco.”

So that’s great then! Not only have we ‘given’ our Harriers away for ‘spares’, now they have the temerity to use them operationally. Hello, wake up McFly, which idiot made the decision TOO damn quickly to take the Harrier out of service? Now that N. Korea are getting an itchy trigger finger, it won’t be long before we are on the 38th parallel protecting democracy. The mind boggles.

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