The petition is at:

Someone has commented to me asking if there is petition to bring back the Harrier aimed at the MoD. Well I have started one (see above). I haven’t received a reply from Philip Hammond MP, Minister of Defence or Simon Heffer, the Daily Mail columnist who was arguing against any more defence cuts.

STOP PRESS I have applied for a petition, awaiting a response. There are several other similar petitions including some wanting to bring back the Sea Harrier! That ain’t going to happen, they’ve been out of service for 7 years and most are now in museums.

Comments please

2 thoughts on “Petition

  1. geoff harvey

    I dont want to be a pessimist but looking at the harriers in the arizona desert. they are only cockpits. how would they fly again?

    1. cliverh Post author


      You obviously know nothing about the Harrier make up. I worked on them on and off for 18 years. What you see in the desert is the ‘canoe’ which is the fuselage complete without the engine, which has been removed and stored elsewhere. To remove the engine, the whole mainplane has to be removed and this is left off if the engine is to go back in. Again the mainplanes would be stored elsewhere. They therefore have all the components ready to be re-assembled and flown. Some of the more sensitive avionic equipment may also have been removed for safe keeping.



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