One Coming Back?

It seems that we could see a Harrier flying over our skies again.

Art Nall’s Sea Harrier was restored by him to full flying condition at huge cost, and he has displayed it over 100 air shows in the USA. Now he wants to bring it home to display it here, but the CAA (Civilian Aviation Authority) says that it is too dangerous to display here. Funny that since only three years ago Harriers were buzzing around our skies all the time. Perhaps they were pressurised by the Government not to allow displays because of their stupid decision to scrap our Harrier fleet. Get some balls CAA!

For what good it will do, I don’t know, but if you feel able please sign the petition raised to try to reverse this decision. The link is here:

2 thoughts on “One Coming Back?

  1. Mike Speake

    Stupid, stupid decision to withdraw the Harriers! – and the Nimrods for that matter …
    If the inept and dithering government were to control immigration and social benefits there’d be plenty of cash to keep the Harriers in service.
    Ex-3(F) Sqn Harrier GR3 RAF Wildenrath groundie, and still-paying-UK-tax-on-my-RAF-pension ex-pat.


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