The Truth?

A comment from the US:

The F-35 is junk. It’s slow, heavy and glitches have yet to be totally solved. F-16 can do mach 2, the F-35 can only do Mach 1.6, the F-18 can do Mach 1.8+ and new planes like the Su-37 and Rafael and Gripen can do Mach 2 and some can do Mach 2 or 2.2+, hell the F-14’s 40+ years old and could do Mach 2.3. The F-35 is not very maneuverable, don’t let the fancy pilot videos fool you. That trick where it rolls and dives and straightens out, that’s not much of a trick, any pilot can do that in a cropduster. For far less money, they could have built new upgraded F-16’s with all the new technology and features. It’s a triple service plane… you have 3 bureaucracies with different demands. Everyone thinks that most of the parts are the same with a few changes. That’s not true, only about 30% of parts are found in the same aircraft so you have 3 manufacturing schedules for what’s essentially 3 different airplanes. And there is no such thing as stealth. Stealth is a scam. Radar built in 1942 can detect an incoming F-35, F-22, a B-2 or any stealth aircraft today. This technology was uncovered by the Serbs in Kosovo during the Kosovo War in the 1990s. This technology was used to shoot down an F-117 nighthawk via a old anti-aircraft missile to use this radar to guide it towards the target. The Russians picked up on this since WWII, they haven’t stopped building low frequency, long wavelength radar and they’ve had decades to modernize them. They have mobile units that are inexpensive and they sell em to anyone who’s got cash. This is a bad airplane, it cant do dogfights cause it’s not maneuverable enough, it cant be an interceptor because it’s not fast enough, it can’t protect troops on the ground like an A-10 because it cant loiter. It’s a lousy bomber because it can only carry four internal weapons and despite everything the manufacturer says, it’s not stealth.

My reply? Why doesn’t America buy the Eurofighter: it’s better than any of that lot!

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