This is not what we wanted to hear.

Further to the previous story, we now a former Chief of Defence staff saying:

He denied that it was humiliating for Britain not to have its own jets ready when it comes into service because the ships could be used for different functions such as carrying helicopters or troops.

So that was useful then; billions spent in two carriers which will be basically floating storage vessels, and will probably only have jets flying from them in the mid 2020s. Incidentally the US Marine Harriers will still be in service at that time, just before they re-equip with the F35. And our Harrier’s? Still languishing in the desert, unused and unloved. Makes you want to weep.

2 thoughts on “This is not what we wanted to hear.

  1. James Hadleigh

    We sold 72 Harriers for the price of one and a half F35 B’s. Surely the upgrade of Harrier to Mk 10 status would have been cheaper and more affective?
    The Marine Corps will now have spares until the end of the next decade.
    To add insult to injury how many USMC Harriers will be landing on our new ships?

    The most open critic of F35 spells it out in a nutshell, this could be worse than TSR2 ?


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