F35B – The Right Stuff?

To that viewer who noticed I have changed the title of this blog.

There are various reasons for this; When I started it out it was Bring Back the Harrier, because I thought at the time, and still do, that the decision to rid the UK of it’s Harrier force was the daftest thing any government (save the Labour government who scrapped the TSR2), could do to it’s armed air force. It caused a lot of angst and upset amongst the aviation fraternity, the reasons for which have been well dissected and discussed on this forum and many others. Now I am forced to change my slant mainly because there is not a cat in hell’s chance of us having a Harrier force again. It’s been over five years since they were taken out of service and sold to the US, and they now languish in the desert being slowly stripped to provide spares for the 300 or so Harrier still in US Marine Corps service. So I bow to the impossibility of the Harrier being in service in the UK ever again. Hence the domain name of the blog page remains the same but, I am now changing my slant to encompass fully the introduction of the F35B (Lightning II) into Royal Air Force and Royal Navy service.

I have tried to remain balanced in my view and try to present good news as well as the bad, in examining the probity of buying an aircraft like the F35B, which is practically wholly American designed and built, although there are some parts of the airframe being manufactured in the UK. In my view the whole concept of the design was wrong but we have what we have, and we’re stuck with that layout. There doesn’t seem to be a way back now so let’s try to examine in more detail what this aircraft is all about, and to this end I shall still be gleaning news items from all sources (except the Daily Fail), and letting my reader know the whys and wherefores of the introduction and in-service trials and tribulations of the Lightning II. If you have any news or stories, serious ones only, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “F35B – The Right Stuff?

  1. Cab

    Clive, our discussions over dinner must have had an effect!

    Might I reply by asking a question to your followers? Why have we bought the UK F35B Lightning?

  2. cliverh Post author

    Thanks Cab, of course I’d love some discussion points to ponder, after all debate can only clarify and focus the whys and wherefores of buying the F35B.


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