Buying Spree?

At the RIAT air show, the outgoing prime minister signed off £4bn for the purchase of 8 Poseidon P-8A maritime patrol aircraft.

This pales into insignificance the £18bn purchase, potentially of 138 Lightening II F35B from Lockheed, including possibly the delivery of the F35A variant which us basically a Typhoon rival, and seems a bit pointless to me. This was after the flip-flop from the ‘cats and traps” version, the F35C, which can’t be used on the new aircraft carriers HMSs Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles without considerable, costly upgrades; and the final purchase the F35B. So why are we buying the F35A (quantity unkniwn)? Who knows, someone may provide an answer. Perhaps the 10 year contract to support the Typhoon may have something to do with it.

The F35Bs flown over from the USA have wowed crowds at the Farnborough air show and are now safely back at Lockheed presumably. The media were impressed with them, but that’s not usually difficult at a market stall like Farnborough. Let’s hope that the promised world wide sales make the F35 a success, it needs it.

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