BBC News: US F35 fighters to deploy from Royal Navy aircraft carrier

US F35 fighters to deploy from Royal Navy aircraft carrier –

US and Royal Navy F35B to operate together from HMS Queen Elizabeth? Well, no surprises there then.

 To be fair, RN personnel have been embedded with the US Navy for some time in the States, and have operated on board US Carriers with some success. It’s a good job then because when the new carriers cone into service, the R N will have to hit the floor running. When the F35B is released to service in 2018, it will have been 8 years since the RN operated fixed wing combat aircraft since the demise of the Harrier. So we could assume at least a year to work up both man and machine to become a lean, mean fighting machine. One of the problems though is recruitment, since the Navy is most affected by lack of new recruits, and the UK services generally are being cut back by successive governments. It makes one wonder if, when the HMS QE and the F35B are fully integrated whether her majesties government will increase the defence budget or as is likely it will stay the same or decrease, making it even more difficult to recruit new service personnel? The hoo-ha and trumpeting by various defence ministers are good sound bites, but they don’t bring about a call to arms.Then there is the Trump effect, how much is he for the military? He doesn’t like the last three Presidents have any military background, so is he going to be gung ho to rid Syria of IS with our or others help? The juries still out.

4 thoughts on “BBC News: US F35 fighters to deploy from Royal Navy aircraft carrier

  1. lmgaylard

    I don’t know why this is news all of a sudden?
    I wrote an article for Airforces Monthly back in 2014 called ‘Phoenix rising for JSF, and in that I stated that the US would operate their F-35B and V-22 Osprey from the new HMS QE aircraft carriers.
    I guess it’ll be ‘news’ when it’s announced that the RAF will change to the F-35A……


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