So, F35 or Typhoon?

No this is not a direct comparison between the two aircraft. But it has to be said: The best aircraft the RAF (other forces are available), is the current multi role Typhon FGR4. It has been the RAFs workhorse for over 10 years and has proved itself in many theatres of operation. What has this to do with the F35, I hear you ask? Well the Typhoon is (with a nod to European aircraft manufacturers), a home built and supported aircraft that Trumpland has no control over. 

However the F35 is totally controlled and built by American manufacturers and the US government. Now, this could present a problem if the spams decide that countries outside their control want to a) modify or b) resell the F35, will not be allowed to do so. This restriction would not of course apply to ‘our’ Typhoon, so it begs the question; if the POTUS decides we ain’t going to get the knowledge, we ain’t gonna get it, end of. Which begs the question what happens when we get involved in conflict with, let’s say, nations east of the UK, and F35s need information from Lockheed et al to fix some of our aircraft, and it’s refused?

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